Monday 3 November 2008

The Cult of the Endorphin Seeks BAND Members for the Archway Chapter


To be a true member of the Cult of the Endorphin means that you ritualistically and routinely pursue natural highs that result only in positive effects.  Even though some drugs could be considered natural, they most often also get you low. When participating in official Cult of the Endorphin activities all members will actively put forth an infectious positive energy and genuine communal spirit. 

The cult ethos will be spread through interventions and organized events/activities.  Already inducted members will help spread the word and canvass for new members through various creative and infiltrative means.  We are on a MISSION!

Part of the mission spreading process involves making scenarios where it is virtually impossible to ignore the positive vibrations and hopefully so seductive that people will get all caught up and not even realize what has overcome them.  One key element in many of the proposed interventions is live music and more specifically, the official Cult of the Endorphin Band.  

The Band must function as the ultimate irresistible upbeat hook-like rebel call, the force behind what makes people do crazy aerobic things with their bodies and makes them want to howl and shout and let go of inhibitions.  The music must reflect the ideology of the mission of the Cult.  It should not be overly didactic or corny as they say.  It should be soulful-energetic-heart pumping and maybe even scarily big sounding.  The Cult band should have its own sound that will be unmistakably the Cult of the Endorphin!  

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