Thursday 5 November 2009

Camouflage Party- Update- Call for Your Favorite NATURAL High Techniques

Hello from the cult leader...

It's been a while... We've been underground, on the ground and up the trees developing new indulgences in the naaaatuuuralll high persuasions. There have been a few comments as to whether this cult is a humour project and to that I say YES, but that does not mean it is not also deeply sincere and realistic all the same. These are the concepts that policy makers should be making note of because these kinds of ideas usually lead to mass popularity eventually... but just to insure the embracing of idiosyncrasies doesn't drift out of sight, I will continue to try to keep it light while keeping it real. Basically, it's been a rocking summer. The cult made an appearance and some conversions in Portland, Oregon where we put on the very first official Camouflage Party at Rocks Box ; a protest in the form of rocking out in green space. It's not hurting anyone and more people should make the most of nature's offerings-... harness the power and plug it in and don't forget to wear some olive drab... "when you hear someone coming/you stop/ you'll blend in!"

If you want to be part of some cult activities happening soon in Archway, London send an email to:

We are looking for inspiration from natural high seekers in the form of some kind of instruction on how to achieve some of your favorite natural highs-preferably the type with no depressing comedowns... If you have a video or photograph or just a little description of something you enjoy please send it on over to:
It will be posted here and might be used in an upcoming intervention.

In the mean time keep high-kicking! I'm going to roll on something now.